Helping families with addiction

Tools & Skills for Getting a Loved One Sober

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    Learn proven strategies to help get them into treatment.

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    Stop wasting time & money on methods that aren’t working.

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    Get the support & guidance you need to cope & move ahead.

We’re here to help you and your addicted loved one

We specialize in helping family members all over the world to do two things:

  1. Learn and practice supportive and positive methods for motivating their loved one to cut back or stop using drugs or alcohol.
  2. Empower themselves to live a life not centered on their loved ones’ addiction.

Our methods are based on a scientific approach shown to help approximately 70% of families get their loved ones into treatment. In addition, research shows that participating in a program like ours helps family members feel better about themselves, get their life on track, and improve t heir relationship with their loved one. Check out our site and get involved!

Latest Podcast

27 May, 2014

SFP 005 – Communicating effectively with your addicted loved one

Today we have on the show Jessi Frothingham, MA, MFT. Jessi has spent years working with family members that have a loved one who is using drugs or alcohol. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and certified CRAFT therapist, Jessi’s passion is in helping families to stay in their relationships in a healthier way. She is in private […]


Latest Blog Post

16 Feb, 2015

5 Things Celebs Have Taught Us About Substance Abuse Treatment

A short post, but the 5 messages about substance use treatment are important to read, read again, and read multiple times, particularly if you have a loved one with an addiction who has been in treatment more than once.

Addiction can be a tricky condition and it may take multiple treatment […]



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