Helping families with addiction


We're here to help you and your addicted loved one

We specialize in helping family members do two things:

  • Learn and practice supportive and effective methods for motivating their loved one to cut back or stop using drugs or alcohol.

  • Empower themselves to live a life not centered on their loved ones’ addiction.

Our methods are based on a scientific approach shown to help almost 70% of families get their loved ones into treatment. In addition, research shows that participating in a program like ours helps family members feel better about themselves, get their own life on track, and improve their relationship with their loved one. Check out our site and get involved!

Tools & skills for inviting change:

  • Learn proven strategies to help encourage your loved one to get into treatment.

  • Stay connected with your loved one while taking care of yourself.

  • Invest in your own skills to support long-term change.

  • Get the support & guidance you need to cope & move ahead.

How can we help you?

Browse our site: Learn more about CRAFT , read the blogs, listen to our podcasts, check out the resources.

Want a little more structure? Start Here for a more focused overview of blogposts that can be helpful at the beginning.

Want a little more support? Contact us to connect with a experienced clinician. We want to help.