We support families struggling with addiction.

Like many family members, you have probably tried everything you can think of to stop or reduce your loved one’s drinking or drug use; yet they continue to drink or use.

At Sober Families we want you to know that there is hope. You can help your loved one quit and begin to build a life together not centered on drugs and alcohol.

Our belief is based on research results that have repeated over time and circumstance. Belief rooted in communication science, behavioral principals, mindfulness, and compassion. And belief from our own experiences in seeing families reconnect and grow beyond addiction, again and again and again.

They have done this. You can too. We can help.

Sober Families…What we do

We'll help you develop the skills to assist your loved one and to free yourself from their addiction.

We specialize in approaches based on Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), an approach that has been shown by research to help approximately 70% of families get their loved ones into treatment. In CRAFT, family members learn how to do two very important things:

  1. Learn and practice non-confrontational ways of motivating a loved one to shift their pattern of drug/alcohol use over time.

  2. Empower themselves to get their own lives back on track, as opposed to being centered on their loved ones’ addiction.

Clinically proven to work

Our approach is based on a method called Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), a method that has been shown by research to help approximately 70% of families get their loved ones into treatment.  In addition, research shows that participating in a program like ours helps family members feel better about themselves, get their life on track, and actually improve their relationship with their loved one.

  • 70% of family members get their loved one into treatment in the first year after learning CRAFT

  • Reduced depression and anxiety that goes with having an addicted family members

  • Shown to improve family functioning and reduce arguments 

What Sober Families is Not

Let's make sure you know what this approach is and set some realistic expectations before you dig any deeper.

1. Learning the skills you need to move forward is NOT easy and it takes a lot of hard work.

You know from experience that living with an addicted family member is not easy. It's hard to make changes and figure out what to do that is helpful. We're here to be direct with you: It takes time and work to learn the skills you need to move ahead. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We'll do our best to guide you and give you the information you need, but the practice and persistence needed to take new actions is up to you.

2. Getting your loved one sober is  NOT impossible.

Research shows that kind of approach we use at Sober Families is much more likely to help you get your loved one into treatment than other approaches. Put simply, there are proven things you can do to influence your family member in a positive way. While their addiction is not your fault, there are things family members can do to change its course. Is changing addiction easy? No. Does it take time and energy? You bet. But if you're ready to work on helping your loved one break the cycle of addiction, we're ready to help and have some strategies that have been proven to help a lot of people.

3. You do NOT need to confront your loved one to get them help.

Our approach is non-confrontational, so there are no show-downs or surprise parties where you (or other family members) tell off the loved one and try to force him/her into treatment. If you get involved with us, we'll teach you non-confrontive, loving ways to respond to your loved one that can motivate them to want to seek treatment and reduce the barriers to them getting the help they need. We'll also support you in taking your life back from their addiction. We want you to have control over your life, whether your loved one gets sober or not. You have the right to a good life.


CRAFT Resources for families dealing with addiction

Explore books, workbooks, and videos that help teach the CRAFT method.


Domestic Violence Resources

If you are in a violent relationship or fear for your safety, the first priority is keeping safe. If you are being abused, verbally, physically or sexually, it is NOT your fault. And you are not alone.


The Science Behind Sober Families

CRAFT and other evidence-based techniques have been shown in numerous clinical trials to help families deal with an addicted family member.


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