Review: How to communicate effectively

Our latest theme on has been Communication Skills.  Communicating with a loved one who is drinking too much or using drugs can be really difficult. It can be even more difficult to talk about their drinking or drug use in particular.  Let’s review what we covered and see if you can find anything helpful for you & your relationship with your loved one. First off, we wrote a 3 part series to covered the topic in great detail...

  1. Communicating With a Loved One Who is Addicted: 5 Useful Skills
  2.  Effective Communication Skills: How to Do It
  3. Tips for How to Use Effective Communication


Next, we found these  posts from around the web that relate to the topic & the skill of communicating effectively…


And finally we interviewed an expert on the topic Jessi Frothingham, MA, MFT for our podcast.  As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and certified CRAFT therapist, Jessi’s passion is in helping families to stay in their relationships in a healthier way. The focus of our interview with Jessi is on communication effectively around addiction. She discusses 5 specific skills that have been shown to help family members in their attempts to communicate with their loved one.


SoberFamilies Podcast #5 – Communicating effectively with your addicted loved one


Hopefully you find something useful for yourself here and we will continue to share with you the best, most useful information to help your loved one get clean and sober.