Are you a clinician who wants to learn more? A family member who wants to become a resource for others? A parent who wants to start a group? A person in recovery who wants to give back?

Whether you have just started being curious about how you can help support others or whether you’ve been running a CRAFT-based group in your town for the last 15 years, this place is for you.

One of the most heart-breaking experiences about running this site is that people will contact me hoping for support and I won’t know of anything in their area.

I know there are resources out there. I know that people care and are doing really cool stuff around CRAFT. We just aren’t talking to each other.

So. Let’s talk.

Regardless of what hat you wear, if you are interested in spreading the word about a group you are doing, a training that you know of, a website you are starting, a e-book you are writing…or maybe you know of someone who is in Des Moines who could use some support and wonder if there is a provider or advocate close by…. Let’s support each other in our sharing of resources, advocacy, and learning about CRAFT-based approaches!

Click here to request to be added to a closed Google group specific to advocating for CRAFT-based approaches. Clinicians, family leaders, CRAFT advocates in recovery, you are all welcome here!

This group is intended for the following

  • share training opportunities

  • attempts to locate a clinician/advocate in a specific area (referral requests)

  • provide information about your CRAFT-based project/group/website/e-book

  • connection with a group of other advocates of CRAFT-based approaches

NOT for

  • requesting or sharing personal information

  • consultation questions

  • asking/giving advice about CRAFT

AND….this is a work in progress! We may choose to change our focus and boundaries as we go, depending on how things unfold.