CRAFT Resources for families dealing with addiction


CRAFT Resources


A fantastic book for family members who have a loved with a drug or alcohol problem and where the person isn't willing to seek treatment. We use this with almost all the family members we work with at Sober Families.

A newer book that comes from the same perspective as Sober Families. It offers a warm, optimistic, and encouraging approach to helping family members change. This is a great book for families who are looking to help their loved one and want concrete things that they can do that will help.


HBO made a show about the CRAFT approach as part of their show "Intervention” which is available to HBO subscribers.


The main originator of CRAFT, has a website where he has some information about CRAFT.

The Center for Motivation and Change created a resource that presents CRAFT concepts in bite-sized layout. Available in both website and workbook form, the 20 Minute Guide offers tips, ideas, and worksheets to practice these skills. There are two versions available, for parents who have children with an addiction the "The Parent’s 20 Minute Guide" is available and for spouses and other adult relationships “The Partner’s 20 Minute Guide” is recommended.

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